Learn to Balance your own 5 Elements with Meditation and Chi Kung practices based on the 5 Elements.


More Advanced Taoist Practices

Books are on 5 Element Balance of Elements

  • Fusion of the 5 Elements by Mantak Chia
  • Chi Nei Tsang -The Abdominal Organ Massage which regulates the balance of organs and elements by detoxifying:
    • organs,
    • negative emotions,
    • the fascias.
Les animaux dans l’Astrologie Chinoise

If you are a UHT instructor,  Inner Alchemy Astrology classes  leading to UHT certification, are regularly organised.  IAA is an amazing tool to help you to guide your students to balance their own elements.  Balancing energies means making some things possible that seemed impossible; understanding yourself and coming to grips with: fears, anxiety and other crippling negative emotions.  These classes are open to all. Pre-requisites in knowledge of the 5 elements is required, so look at the reading list!  This is also addressed during the classes and a preparation class can be organised.


The IAAI consultation is an excellent recommendation in the UHT database. You can choose which Chi Kung or meditation to teach more wisely and offer consultations to your students. IAA deepens your understanding of the 5 Elements’ cycles and the phases of life. Basic IAA Level 1 training is now part of certified instructor training.