Example of a Natal Chart

Some Examples of Natal Card

There are examples on this page of different natal charts. Notice how the 5 elements make-ups are very different.  Observe the difference in the %ages of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. All of these examples are case studies. To find out more, you can go to the Chinese Astrology page where the BAZI pillars, the animals, the importance of the days of birth or the organ table are detailed.

To find out more, you can go to the Inner Alchemy Astrology page, where the BaZi pillars, the animals, the importance of the day of birth or the table of 5 elements related to the different organs are detailed.

Example 1 : Water Yin Master

This example is a YIN Water Day Master. Looking at the pictograms with the colored balls showing the 5 elements, we assess the proportion of the element of the Master of the day (SELF).

It is a “Strong Day Master” because it is also well nourished by the Metal element that precedes it. We can divide the pictogram in 2 and say that it pictogram has 2 teams.

We have 35% for the Water element, we can see from the natal chart (the birth chart on the left with the 4 pillars: Hour, Day, Month and Year) that we have an additional YIN Water on the year branch and a smaller YANG Water on the hour branch.

The calculation is complicated and takes into account many other factors.


The first team is your Self (Day Master) and your parent or Resource (which is the preceding element in the sense of the cycle of creation or begetting). The second team is made up of the ‘phases’ written above the element: Expression, Wealth and Power. These 5 phases (Resource, Self, Expression, Wealth and Power) are always assigned to the 5 elements in a clockwise direction, and their starting position is the element corresponding to the Master of the day (noted Self, Self).

Example 2 : Self Wood Master

This example is a Strong Day Master, 31% Wood, although this time it is poorly fed by the Water Resource.

A closer reading of astrology would describe the person as having low resources (literally few people to support them, very “self-made” having had little or no support from their parents). Shyness is marked by its weak Fire Expression.

But a lot of opportunities come from the strong Earth Wealth. In addition, good analytical discipline and the ability to make decisions are indicated by a good amount of Metal.

He would need to strengthen his heart energy (he is not a naturally happy person!) And his kidney energy (he is not a great communicator). But he has a lot of organizational, planning and management skills.

Put a lot of smile in this heart! It is with our Heart Fire that connections are made and, it is  the smile and the virtues of the heart that this person should cultivate.

The positive impact of sound on organs

The sound of the Spleen (from the 6 healing sounds) would help his overactive spleen (Earth energy), so it could give him more opportunities. This person does not always have enough energy to carry out his projects. The elements Wood and Earth present in large quantities could also lead to a lot of stress, anger, frustration (Wood) and worry (Earth).

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