Inner Alchemy Astrology

Inner Alchemy Astrology

Inner Alchemy Astrology is Traditional Chinese Astrology.

But it is also a specific program designed by Mantak Chia to guide your Inner Alchemy Practices. It shows you the 5 elements balance which you were born with and what energies are present for you to be taken into consideration.  Your 5 element make-up is shown in a colour pictogram, according to their %ages. This easily shows you your strengths and weaknesses. You can choose how to harmonise these energies with inner alchemy practices.

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Traditional Chinese Astrology and BaZi or 4 Pillars.

Chinese astrology is often referred to as “BAZI” or four pillars. Four pillars because there are 4 pillars (columns): the pillar of the hour, the day, the month and the year of your birth.

Ba Zi means 8 characters in Chinese, because there are 2 parts to these 4 pillars: the upper heaven energy line, described by the 10 heavenly stems and the lower earth energy line described by the 12 earthly branches that we know as “the animals”.


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The BaZi, The Animals and the 5 Elements

You probably already know your Chinese Animal.  However Traditional Chinese Astrology is actually about the 5 elements within these animals in the Earth line together with the 5 elements in the Heaven line.  We take this information into account to calculate the 5 elements of our birth chart, that is to say the energy of the moment when we were born. The BaZi expresses the 5 elements according to the day of our birth and this remains our profile, our blueprint. But life is about changes and calculated in cycles. We also have to take into account the 10 year luck cycle and the annual luck cycle. This constantly changes our element balance which is why our life changes together with our interests and our, well, luck! Interpreting this is the art of the Astrologer. 

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How to calculate your Inner Alchemy Astrology or BAZI chart.

Enter your time and date of birth by scrolling down the 4 boxes for the hour, day, month and year pillars.

Then click on “calculate”. We use solar time for accuracy. 

If daylight saving time existed in the country of your birth in that year (it often means a difference in real solar time in summer or April – October for the Northern Hemisphere), you will need to convert it. Likewise if the country crosses time zones.

Not sure of your birth time?

Just choose the solar time that you think is the most likely. However, the day, month and year must be correct.

Note that Chinese calculations use 12 hours in our 24 hour day system, so 2 Western hours for one Chinese hour. So there could be a margin for error.


tableau BAZI

The importance of the Birth Day

Look under the Day Pillar, in the top heavenly line,  here you will find your Day Master.  This is very important – it describes who you are.  Astrological interpretations can be made by looking at your Day Master’s relationship with everything else in your life.

 There are 10 different Day Masters, that is 5 elements with a Yin or Yang aspect of each. 

What about the Animals? ...

The Animals each have their own characteristics and compatibility issues. These can be found, in our BaZi or natal chart, under the pillar of the year, in the lower Earthly line.

To understand how animals provide us with information about ourselves, here is an example.

The Rat IS Yin Water. So this means an eight of your 5 element energy is Water.  But the Rat in Chinese Astrology is not considered disgusting, it is the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac and is thought of as:  nocturnal or an early riser, a hard-worker, and a good family person.  Rat-hour is from 23:00 to 01:00, it closes and opens the day.

Intellect, Charisma, Thrifty, Charm, Ability, Sociability, Influence

Interfere, Cunning, Greed, Verbosity, Nervous, Efficient

Although real rats have an essentially negative image in the West, they take care of their own families and are tireless and tenacious when it comes to caring for their young.

When we see statues of the Hindu elephant god Ganesh, it is not uncommon for him to be accompanied by a rat. Rats are considered special because they are required to reincarnate as a Hindu deity. Rats are masters of “chatter”, they are great communicator.

Illustration des animaux dans l'astrologie chinoise

Table of 5 elements

In Taoist practices we aim to find balance and therefore by observing our natal chart and our emotions in life, we can begin to balance our emotions.

The 5 Elements Table helps us find which organ needs care. An excess or a deficiency can therefore explain or even indicate problems involving negative emotions.

The healing sounds detoxify and recycle our negative emotions, which allows us to bring in more positive energy and thus fill the deficiency or excess.



fives elements table

The cycle of 5 elements

Looking at the pictogram, notice the arrows leading from one element to another, this direction of the elements is what we call the cycle of generation, creation or feeding of the elements.

Fire feeds the Earth, which feeds Metal, which feeds Water, which feeds Wood, which feeds Fire, etc.

We focus on the flow of energy in this direction when practicing the “inner smile meditation”, accumulating energy as we move from element to element by integrating the related organs. each. Creating is obviously more positive than weakening; this is what happens when we move our energy in the opposite direction – counterclockwise here.

In this example, we can work on the movement of the strong energy of Metal and Water to feed the deficient Wood and Fire. It means transferring energy from the lung (Metal) to energy from the kidney (Water) to nourish the liver (Wood) and then the heart (Fire), in order to balance the energies.

This exercise will make you feel better and decrease negative emotions in the lungs (sadness) and kidneys (fear) and nourish the softness and generosity of the liver, and the love, joy and happiness of the heart. Do this once to balance your elements, but you’ll need to repeat it regularly. Because this is not a one-off exercise; little by little, the emotional balance will take precedence over the psychic chaos.

The cycle of creating emotions

Positive Emotions


Negative Emotions


Want to get started?

Find someone you know and compare their energies and compatibilities.

This link gives you free access to the calculator.


You can practice Chi Kung practices of Taoist Internal Alchemy and Specific Meditations with an instructor (UHT).

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