Astro Tao : IAA Training

IAA Curriculum

The curriculum takes us deep into the 5 elements, and includes: the 5 elements cycles, yin & yang, the 12 Chinese Animals, Organ and Boy Systems’ Health, 5 element Nutrition, applying UHT Taoist practices to balance our energies, compatibilities in family, love, personal and professional fields.

Studying IAA is an excellent and fascinating guide to really understanding the Universe’s building blocks: the 5 elements.

The classes are open to anyone motivated who would like to know more but are particularly suitable for: Tao instructors, masseurs or body-workers, teachers and coaches.

As a UHT instructor or Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, you can add the Internal Alchemy Astrology certification to your UHT profile and use it as a tool with your students when you are certified. On certification you are recommended by UHT as a consultant.  Our instructors use IAA in many fields, if you do body work, coaching or work to help people on a personal level, IAA is a valuable tool.

Level 1

290 €
12-13 March 2022

Learn to use the free demo chart calculator and interpret a person’s  5 element-make-up, and use harmonising techniques.

2 days, 10 hours theory classes and 4 hours  supervised practice and personal natal chart work.

Level 2

290 €
dates to be confirmed

Going deeper into the 5 elements, the natal chart and using 5 element Nutrition to balance.

2 days: 10 hours plus at least 4 hours personal chart work (generally in groups)


Level 3

560 €
dates to be confirmed

Completes IAA chart reading techniques, includes: 10-year luck cycles, annual luck cycles, future and past, more on the animals. Initiation to case studies and certification

4 days: 20 hours of class, 4 hours  personal work (generally in groups)


What is included in each the chosen level:

  • One full chart calculated (Levels 1&2 ). This is a 19/20 page detailed chart.

  • You will be given all the necessary additional tables needed for the class, but not all the tables in the book (Inner Alchemy Astrology by Christine Harkness). The purchase of this book is therefore strongly recommended, it contains relevant class material and is a good course book for Inner Alchemy Astrology (IAA).

  • E-Material and workbooks are given out during the classes, but buying the book ‘Inner Alchemy Astrology’ is highly recommended. It includes all tables necessary to chart reading and is the support you need during the class and after. The zoom classes are not recorded in order not to inhibit chart reading discussion, however you are welcome to make screen shots of the power point slides used (whilst respecting IAA copyright)

Pre-Requisites: 3 Levels, 8 days of classes – 20 case studies and an oral exam by skype or zoom

Once accepted on certification path, you can have a link to do your 20 case studies for 5€ (instead of 15€) these case studies must be real consultations, i.e. with a real person who has accepted that you are a trainee, and is interested in  your advice on Taoist practices rather than merely fortune-telling. You will be required to sign an ethics agreement before starting this phase.  Please note that certification is only possible for UHT Instructors or CNT practitioners and can be included in your data base profile.  Trainee Instructors can start the training when they wish and their successful certification will be ‘pending’ until they are listed on the data-base.

One Full Chart is calculated free for each level taken, if you already have your own you can do someone else’s.



  • 10% for UHT Instructors, job-seekers, full-time students, please send in proof.
  • 30% for previous students to repeat any levels they have done before, (students from Berlin and Tao Garden accepted too)

Senior Instructors please contact us directly.

  • 540 € for simultaneous registration at Level 1 and 2. 
  • 995 € for simultaneous registration at Level 1,2 and 3.