Who Are You? Let Inner Alchemy Astrology explain help you understand

Christine Harkness, Inner Alchemy Teacher and Consultant teaches Master Mantak Chia’s own Inner Alchemy Astrology.
The Zoom classes are bilingual - English and French. Delphine Dumont, Inner Alchemy Consultant is translating the classes into French.

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Through Inner Alchemy Astrology ( IAA), you can explore and understand the inner you.

IAA helps you explore the real, inner you; explaining your goals, moods, ups and downs, failures and successes.  And with Taoist Health Techniques – Chi Kung and Meditation – you can seek out balance in your inner energies.

The 3 blessings: Wealth, Health and Longevity can be explained by your IAA chart. Chinese Astrology is based on the 5 elements and by working with our inner elements, like with a team, we can work towards balance and achievement of the 3 blessings.

IAA can help anybody, of any age, who has questions on their: professional life, love-life, relationships, skills, difficulties, challenges, goals, emotional problems, health problems; it is a sort of ‘user guide’ to yourself.

Take meditation and qigong to a new level by applying it to your own 5 element balance. .

We do consultations and give advice on Taoist Practices to help your harmony.  

If you wish to learn IAA, Christine will teach in English or French and many classes are bilingual and on Zoom.  The classes lead to certification as a UHT consultant.The classes are open to all who are interested but are of particular interest to UHT instructors. IAA studies. 

We teach fundamentals, introductions and an 8-day course divided into 3 levels. If you are a UHT instructor or Chi Nei Tsang practitioner you can follow through to UHT certification. But anyone interested in the 5 elements is welcome and will find it a wonderful guide to living.

Christine is a Senior UHT Instructor and has co-written the IAA series of books with Master Chia.

Our books will support your IAA studies. 

Need advice, book a consultation?

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Our training courses...

Why have a consultation?

Do you want to understand yourself and your life better?

Well let’s start by looking at your own personal energy. As you now know we all have these 5 Elements in us, a blue print from the first breath of Oxygen.  This tells us about you, your strengths and weaknesses.

We also look at the ‘luck cycles’, to see what extra energies and focus you have at this moment.  

We can do that for the past too, so that you can understand your life’s events; why they happened or why things didn’t happen.  

And of course for the present and the future.

We can explain which Taoist Inner Alchemy practices will help you harmonise those energies and help you achieve your goals

This can help with compatibility issues, professional or personal relationships.

Do you do too much? or not enough? Inner Alchemy training is about being your own master or therapist or teacher.

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